Do Fiverr Backlinks Work? Here’s a Clear Answer

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If you’re struggling with your website’s SEO, you might be tempted to hop over on Fiverr and buy a package of 100+ backlinks bundled together.

And all that for a modest price of 50 USD!

Most link-building agencies charge three times that amount for a single backlink, while this way you can get 100 for the same price…

Sounds too good to be true, right?

Well, that’s because it is. Buying Fiverr backlinks can seriously harm your website’s rankings, especially if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing.

So, before you make any rush decisions, read our article to learn all you need to know about Fiverr backlinks:

  • What are Fiverr Backlinks?
  • Do Fiverr Backlinks Work?
  • 3 Types of Backlinks You Can Buy on Fiverr
  • What Does Google Think About Buying Fiverr Backlinks?
  • Consensus: Is Buying backlinks Worth It?
  • Fiverr Link-Building Alternatives

Let’s dive right in!

What are Fiverr Backlinks?

Fiverr backlinks are backlinks purchased from the gig platform, Fiverr. There are thousands of vendors offering link-building services on Fiverr:

fiverr backlink services

The screenshots above share one thing in common, though.

The services providing backlinks seem too good to be true.

One of the gigs, for example, offers 150 white hat backlinks for a price of 190 USD – that’s 0.78 USD per backlink.

Considering the fact that the average backlink can cost anything between 100 to 1,000 USD, these services should be taken with a grain of salt, to say the least.

This brings us to the next topic:

Do Fiverr Backlinks Work?

99% of the backlinks sold on Fiverr do not work, primarily because the links you’re going to get are going to be extremely low-quality, blackhat, or no-follow.

Let’s cover each type of backlink one by one. 

First, let’s talk about quality.

The quality of a backlink is extremely important. A backlink from an authoritative website counts for a lot more than a backlink from a website that was published yesterday.

Quality is determined by the following factors:

  • Whether the website you’re getting a backlink from has a lot of backlinks of its own.
  • The contextual relevance of the site you’re getting a backlink from. If your website is about personal finance, you want backlinks from personal finance blogs (and not, say, a mom blog).
  • Whether the website has good Google rankings on its own. What’s a better way to tell if a website is in Google’s good graces than if they rank well on Google?
  • Whether the website has a real audience (e.g. it’s a real website with real users who frequent the website on a regular basis).

More often than not, backlinks purchases from Fiverr don’t match these criteria.

good vs bad backlink comparison

A lot of Fiverr backlinks can also be blackhat links from private blogging networks (PBNs) or backlink farms.

PBNs are basically small networks of blogs created specifically for providing backlinks. While PBNs can actually boost your website’s rankings, if Google catches on the PBN links, you risk getting penalized and losing your rankings.

Backlink farms, on the other hand, are websites created for the sole purpose of selling backlinks. Such websites have so many outgoing backlinks to other websites that Google devalues them to such an extent they have no impact on your website.

Finally, another common type of Fiverr backlink is the no-follow link

A no-follow link is another type of link that Google disregards. Such backlinks carry no backlink juice and have no impact on your rankings.

A big chunk of Fiverr backlinks is actually no-follow links such as:

Usually, if you’re buying a backlink package with 100+ backlinks, these are the type of links you’re going to get – no-follow links that don’t help your website one bit.

How Much do Fiverr Backlinks Cost?

Depending on the type of Fiverr backlinks you’re buying, the cost is going to vary.

Ballpark prices range as follows:

  • 100-150 USD for 100-1000+ backlinks. Usually, if you’re buying these, you get no-follow backlinks.
  • 50 – 100 USD for a single backlink. Such backlinks are usually either black hat backlinks or simply very low quality.
  • 100 – 300 USD for quality backlinks. Links in this pricing range are usually high-quality and are a lot more likely to improve your website’s Google rankings.

What Does Google Think About Buying Backlinks from Fiverr?

Here’s another important factor to consider – what does Google think about you buying backlinks in the first place?

According to Google, buying or selling backlinks is considered to be a link scheme and can potentially lead to your website getting penalized.

google comment on buying fiverr backlinks

As such, if you’re buying backlinks from Fiverr, you’re opening yourself up to a chance of getting your website penalized by Google and losing your rankings.

That said, in some niches (CBD, VPN, and several others), things aren’t as cut and dry. If you want to learn more about buying backlinks, as well as how to do it safely, check out our article.

The Consensus: Is Fiverr Link-Building Worth It?

While there are some Fiverr backlink providers that actually offer quality backlinks, they’re definitely a minority.

As we mentioned prior in the article, most Fiverr backlinks are one of the following:

  • Low-quality
  • Blackhat
  • No-follow

Since none of these types of backlinks have any impact on your website’s rankings, you’re better off avoiding Fiverr backlinks altogether.

This begs the question: how can you build backlinks that really work?

Fiverr Link Building Alternative – Here’s What Actually Works

If you want to build backlinks that’ll have an actual impact on your website, you should be doing personalized outreach yourself (or getting a white hat link-building agency to do it for you).

The process here is as follows:

  • Do link prospecting and identify 100-500 websites that you’d like to get a backlink from.
  • Use software like to identify the contact information of your prospecting.
  • Send personalized emails asking these websites for a backlink placement or a guest post.

As for the actual link-building tactics you can use, some of the most popular options in 2022 are:

  • Niche edits. Look for blogs that cover topics associated with your website and pitch a  backlink placement into one of their blog posts.
  • Guest posting. Reach out to blogs in your niche and ask for a guest post placement on their website.
  • Link exchange. Reach out to websites in similar niches as yours and ask for a backlink exchange. Win-win!
  • ABC link exchange. This one’s a link exchange with extra steps. Instead of directly exchanging a link with another website, you do an indirect exchange with 2 other websites. Check out our article to learn more about how/why to do this.
  • Broken link building. Reach out to websites with broken outgoing links and offer to replace the broken links with yours.

Struggling with white hat link-building? Check out our guide to outsourcing your link-building!

Key Takeaways

And that’s about it on our take about Fiverr backlinks! Before you go, here’s a quick recap of everything we talked about in this article:

  • Fiverr backlinks are links purchased from the gig platform Fiverr.
  • While Fiverr backlinks can seem like a cheap way to build links to your websites, they’re not very effective.
  • Most Fiverr backlinks simply do not work, as they’re low-quality, blackhat, or no-follow.
  • If you’re looking to build backlinks that have a real impact on your site, stick to link-building tactics that actually work such as niche edits, guest posting, link exchange, and more.
Nick Zviadadze

Nick Zviadadze

Founder at MintSEO
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