15 Best Places to Hire Ghostwriters in 2023

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Nick Zviadadze

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Picture this – you want to start a blog to improve your brand awareness and generate some new leads. 

Or, maybe, you need to set yourself and your business apart from the crowd with the help of high-quality content that showcases your expertise and answers your customers’ questions.

Unfortunately, though, you lack the required skills (or time, for that matter) to write a new, comprehensive blog post every day. 

This is where hiring a ghostwriter comes in handy! 

Ghostwriters are skilled content creators that you can pay, but whom you don’t need to credit. That way, you can build trust with your customers without needing to put in all the work required to start and grow your blog! 

So, looking for a ghostwriter to hire? Look no further. Below, we’ve listed the top websites with ghostwriters for hire, their top benefits, and everything else you need to know to find the right ghostwriter for you. 

What is a Ghostwriter? 

Not everyone is good with words. You may have the right ideas and knowledge but still lack the literary skills required to put them into words. 

Alternatively, you may not have the time to sit down and do all the work yourself – especially if you run the business or head a department. 

After all, starting a blog is easy, but publishing high-quality content and growing its popularity is another, significantly more difficult, challenge.

This is exactly what hiring a ghostwriter can help you with. 

A ghostwriter can write different types of content – be it blogs, newsletters, song lyrics, or even a book – on behalf of another person, who is then named the author. The ghostwriter receives payment for the written content but none of the credit.

Ghostwriting is a completely ethical practice and it mustn’t be shunned. 

Hiring someone who ensures top-quality work is merely an innovative and strategic tactic to get ahead of your competitors who, chances are, are also enlisting the help of ghostwriters. 

Why Hire a Ghostwriter?

Ghostwriting, while not a very talked-about form of writing, is actually employed by many bloggers, authors, business owners, and even singers and songwriters.

Hiring a ghostwriter can be extremely helpful, in more ways than one. You can, for example, get a ghostwriter to rewrite any existing content with a fresher perspective, or articulate data into meaningful prose. 

Alternatively, you can enlist their help to come up with a creative piece, website copy, new blog post, and much more. With the help of a ghostwriter, you can easily delegate your work and spend your time on other aspects of your business or project. 

More often than not, when a company is looking for someone who can provide them with quality content consistently, they employ a ghostwriter who can either work as a freelancer or on a full-time basis. 

Ghostwriters are particularly useful when companies already have a credible or trusted voice and face attached to their brand. 

In such cases, hiring a ghostwriter can help you pump out more content, which can make it easier for you to keep building your authority while also retaining your credibility and customer trust.  

Essentially, hiring a ghostwriter will: 

  • Save you time
  • Maintain your credibility and authority 
  • Preserve the brand’s image and voice
  • Provide you with a steady stream of high-quality content

So, without further ado, here are our top 15 websites with ghostwriters for hire:

15 Best Places to Hire a Ghostwriter

#1. MintSEO

MintSEO is an SEO and content marketing agency. 

We help our clients rank on the front page of Google by creating SEO-optimized blog articles, landing pages, and many other types of content.

Instead of having to deal with the hassle of hiring, training, and managing content writers, we handle the entire process for you! This includes:

  • Hiring expert content writers and ghostwriters
  • Training them to create SEO-friendly content
  • Editing their content and making sure it fits your brand guidelines

And more! Get in touch now.

#2. Upwork

Upwork is one of the biggest freelance websites offering ghostwriting services for any and all types of content. 

There are many ways in which you can enlist the help of a ghostwriter via Upwork – you can either post your project requirements and review candidates or search for specific skill sets, domains, or niches and invite experienced ghostwriters based on what you find. 

You can find hundreds, if not thousands, of professional ghostwriters on Upwork who can help you with everything, from writing emails to well-researched blog articles. The platform has a roster full of writers that specialize in different areas, which means all of your content and creative needs will be accounted for. 

But this sheer volume of people on Upwork is also its biggest downside. Extensive screening and vetting are required when you try to hire a ghostwriter from Upwork, which can be time-consuming and mundane. 

#3. Fiverr

Fiverr is another popular platform you can use to hire freelancers offering various services for as little as $5 per project. 

Hiring ghostwriters from Fiverr is very easy and straightforward. All you need to do is search for ghostwriters and you will be presented with a list of freelancers offering ghostwriting services.  You can then check out their profiles to get a better idea of their work and experience. 

Once you find a ghostwriter that meets your requirements, you can connect with them to hash out the details of the job with them.

Fiverrr employs a review system that rates each ghostwriter based on the number and quality of projects they have completed. This makes the task of finding credible ghostwriters easier. 

One of the downsides of Fiverr is the large number of writers and freelancers on the blog, which means finding the one that meets your requirements can take some time and patience. The quality of the writers can also vary depending on the price they charge. 

Last but not least,  Fiverr charges a 5.5% commission for any hire you make through their platform. 

#4. ProBlogger

If you have ever tried hiring a ghostwriter online then chances are you already know ProBlogger. ProBlogger is a very popular blog and it provides writers with many helpful resources. Not to mention, it has its very own job board, where you can easily hire bloggers and ghostwriters from. 

Unlike Upwork or Fiverr, ProBlogger is not a marketplace. So, businesses looking to hire ghostwriters need to pay a fee to post job openings on ProBlogger. This fee can range from $80 to $320+ depending on how long you want your job post to be featured. 

Many professional writers use ProBlogger, as it provides them with valuable resources, tips, and tricks. This means that a large number of potential applicants will come across your job post, and thus you will have a larger pool of candidates to select and hire the right ghostwriter from.

#5. Verblio

On the pricier side of things, we have Verblio, a content marketing agency that single-handedly creates tailored content for clients who have a bit of a higher budget to spend. 

Unlike Fiverr or Upwork, Verblio is an agency that manages every aspect of the project, from writing to editing to even going through a plagiarism check.

Verblio employs thousands of writers, all of which are pre-vetted. This ensures that every area of the project is handled by professionals with experience. With this into account, you don’t really need to worry about anything except ensuring that your vision and ideas are communicated properly.

So, if you are low on time and you have a decent content budget, you can consider working with an agency like Verblio to take care of all your ghostwriting needs.

#6. Indeed

Indeed is one of the leading job posting sites, used regularly by businesses and job seekers alike. It is extremely easy to post a job on Indeed – just sign up and post a job ad listing everything that you are looking for in a ghostwriter. 

Indeed is a particularly great platform if you want to hire a ghostwriter to be a full-time member of your team. Since it is primarily a job posting site, the platform is better suited for finding full-time or part-time ghostwriters instead of freelancers, so if you are exclusively looking to hire the latter, they are you are better off using other platforms.

Posting a job advert on Indeed is free; however, you can also create a sponsored or featured job post to appear higher in search results by paying a certain fee to the website.

#7. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is another major and popular job-posting platform. 

The job-posting process is quite straightforward. All you have to do is post a job ad highlighting all your requirements, such as skill level, professional experience, niche expertise, job location, etc. Ghostwriters can then apply and share their resumes or portfolio with you.

Alternatively, you can find tons of people to directly reach out to simply by searching for ghostwriters. 

The primary benefit of Linkedin is that you can easily find ghostwriters within your pre-existing network, which means your colleagues or peers may have previously worked with them. This makes the process of vetting them easier. 

Not to mention, it is a free-to-use platform, which makes it a very convenient option for small businesses and startups.

On the flip side, a major con of Linkedin is the sheer number of people using the platform. If you are posting a job on Linkedin, you can easily expect 200+ applications, which can be very time consuming to get through.

#8. Crowd Content

Crowd Content is a self-serve marketplace that connects businesses, agencies, authors, and more with ghostwriters and content writers that can write all sorts of content, from blogs to emails and everything in between. 

With the help of their 6000+ writers, Crowd Content aims to provide users with high-quality content. What’s more important, they also have tools to help clients that require a high volume of content on a regular basis with their team of project managers and strategists.

Hiring a ghostwriter on Crowd Content is very easy. All you need to do is sign up, tell them about your content needs, and wait for them to connect you with the most suitable ghostwriters, who can charge you a varying per-word rate. 

A lower-rated ghostwriter (1 star), for example, charges around 3 cents per word, whereas a higher-rated ghostwriter (4 stars) charges around 13 cents per word. 

#9. WriterAccess

Screening and shortlisting applicants can be very time-consuming, especially when you receive hundreds of applications on platforms such as Upwork or ProBlogger. This is exactly the problem that our next entry, WriterAccess, has attempted to solve. 

WriterAccess makes the task of finding the right ghostwriter easier by connecting you with pre-vetted writers. Their platform boasts over 15,000 writers that can provide you with ghostwriting, copywriting, and content-writing services. 

WriterAccess is one of the pricier platforms on our list. This is due to their unique and slightly complicated payment system where, apart from a per-word rate, customers also have to pay a monthly subscription fee to access their platform.

#10. Scripted

Since 2011, Scripted has been a well-known name in the content writing space, as it has worked for and with some of the biggest brands on the market. If you are looking to hire ghostwriters that are pre-vetted, tried, and tested, then Scripted might be just the choice for you. 

Scripted works fairly similarly to WriterAccess, in that it also uses a subscription model. To access their writers, you need to pay a basic but comparatively steep monthly subscription fee that starts at $199/per month. 

So if you have a few extra bucks to spare and you need ghostwriters that can help you with all sorts of content, then you should definitely check out Scripted. 

#11. Express Writers

Express Writers is a content agency that can help you with all your content needs. Just like some of the previous platforms on our list, Express Writers has its own team of skilled ghostwriters who can help you with all sorts of content. 

Instead of hiring a single ghostwriter from Express Writers, you order content. Here’s how it works:

  • You sign up and select the type of content you need.
  • You find a pre-vetted ghostwriter that meets your content needs.
  • You get the content reviewed and edited by their quality assurance team.

This makes the whole process of getting high-quality content easy and streamlined. The only snag with Express Writers is that they are slightly more expensive. Depending on the type of content, you can expect to pay anywhere from 9 cents to $3 per word. 

#12. Guru

Another platform that works just like  Upwork and Freelancer is Guru, a freelance marketplace. 

Guru has around 30,000+ freelance ghostwriters who provide various ghostwriting services and whom you can contact by simply searching ghostwriting. Alternatively, you can post a job on the platform describing the type of ghostwriters you are looking for. 

The platform does not charge any subscription or job posting fees. You only have to pay a 2.9% convenience fee if you hire a ghostwriter from their platform, which is automatically added to the final invoice. 

#13. Writing Studio

Next up, we have Writing Studio, another writing agency.

Just like with the other agencies on our list, instead of directly hiring ghostwriters, all you need to do is let Writing Studio know about your content requirements. Once you have agreed upon the amount, type, and frequency of content you or your business need, the Writing Studio’s team of pre-vetted and skilled ghostwriters will get to work. 

Writing Studio boasts a fast turnaround time, offering well-researched, well-phrased, and accurate projects that are also fairly priced. The way this works is that you directly pay for the content you need on a per-word basis. As of writing this article, their pricing is as follows: 

  • 1k to 10k words – $0.20 per word
  • 10k to 100k words – $0.16 per word
  • 100k+ words – $0.15 per word

Writing Studio also edits your content and offers up to two revisions. So, if you are looking for complete content solutions, this might be the ideal platform for you.

#14. The Urban Writers

Urban Writers is known for providing high-quality ghostwriting services. The site is primarily famous for ghostwriting ebooks, as the freelancers on their platform have helped many budding authors. 

Urban Writers works similarly to a freelance marketplace, where you can simply post your job and freelancers can apply. The site has a huge array of professional freelancers who are highly qualified and skilled at providing top-notch content.

Another thing that sets Urban Writers apart from other platforms is that the site allows you to keep up with the project status in real time with a live order tracking feature. Not to mention, the site also has a quality assurance and review team to guarantee you receive quality work.

#15. TextBroker

Lastly, we have Textbroker, which is essentially a broker for all your content writing and ghostwriting needs. You can choose and hire thousands of freelance ghostwriters, almost all of which specialize in some niche or another.

Textbroker is known for its quick turnaround time, making it ideal for urgent work that is done efficiently and consistently. Their pricing is also pretty straightforward. They use a rating system, where each writer is rated based on their skill level, experiences, and reviews. This rating then determines their commercial rates, which usually start at around 2.9 cents per word. 

What Can a Ghostwriter Help With?

Depending on what you or your business needs, a ghostwriter can help you with a variety of things. The sole purpose of hiring a ghostwriter is to have a professional on your team who can ensure that every piece of content produced under your or your business’s name is qualitative, well-researched, and impactful. 

Here are just a few of the areas where ghostwriters can come in handy: 

  • Articles
  • E-books
  • Paperback Books
  • Product Descriptions
  • Press Releases
  • Scripts
  • White Papers
  • Blog Posts
  • Newsletters
  • Podcast Summaries
  • Newsletters
  • SEO Content

Hiring ghostwriters who have a good amount of experience can also help you with large-scale projects that require intense research and analysis, or, perhaps, more insight compared to some of the lighter, more easy-going articles.

How to Hire a Ghostwriter

There are many ways you can go about hiring a ghostwriter. You can, for example:

  • Reach out to independent ghostwriters in your network or look up and contact ghostwriters who have made their portfolios publically available on their social media pages. 
  • Look for ghostwriters among the many websites/agencies mentioned above. The advantage of websites and third-party agencies is that they provide an extra layer of protection. They also often offer added guarantees and assurances, so that you don’t have to worry about things such as low-quality work, flaky writers, and other common issues.
  • Hire a ghostwriter that’s been recommended to you by a friend, family member, or colleague.

Once you have shortlisted a few ghostwriters and had the opportunity to go through their resumes and writing samples, you can move on with the hiring process by doing one or all of the things listed below:

  • Ask them to write a paid trial task to make sure their writing skills are what they claim them to be. 
  • Conduct interviews to get to know the writers on a one-on-one basis.
  • Communicate with them to better understand their work process and personality.
  • Test them on their technical or industry-specific knowledge (in case you are hiring a ghostwriter who specializes in a particular niche).

And lastly, when all is said and done, you can discuss their commercials. Ghostwriters usually charge based on various factors such as project type and duration, time constraints, etc. 

Hiring a Ghostwriter FAQs

Before you leave, here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions related to hiring a ghostwriter:

#1. How much does it cost to hire a ghostwriter?

The cost of hiring a ghostwriter can vary based on several different factors, including content type, the ghostwriter’s experience, general workload, etc. For example, if you want to write a book, a good ghostwriter would cost you around $40,000 – $70,000, or 24-30 cents per word.

Ghostwriters sometimes also charge on an hourly basis, calculating how many hours they worked on a project and coming up with a pricing strategy based on that. The average that ghostwriters charge lies in the ballpark of $25-$40 per hour, with prices increasing for more experienced writers. 

#2. Is it ethical to hire a ghostwriter?

Yes, there is absolutely nothing unethical about hiring ghostwriters. Ghostwriting is a professional job and writers are hired on verified websites. 

It is just a matter of hiring someone whose job it is to write professionally, something which a lot of people with unique ideas don’t have the skill to do.

#3. How to hire a ghostwriter?

The best way to hire a ghostwriter is to visit one of the many websites and agencies mentioned above, as they provide an extra layer of protection. With added guarantees and assurances, you don’t have to worry about low-quality work, procrastination, missed deadlines, or even flaky writers.

Nick Zviadadze

Nick Zviadadze

Founder at MintSEO
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