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Improve your Google rankings with our professional white hat link-building services. We do niche edits, guest posting, broken link-building, and more.

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We Build Backlinks That Move the Needle

We build high-quality, white hat backlinks that can have a serious impact on your website’s traffic and rankings. Recently, we ran a personalized outreach campaign targeting mom bloggers to help build links to an e-commerce client.

Here’s how that worked out:

Our Link-Building Process

Content & SEO Strategy

To ensure that the links we build have an impact, we work with our clients to define an overarching SEO strategy. If the client does not have quality SEO content to build links to, we help them in that aspect first.

Target Prioritization

We analyze existing rankings on Google Search Console and, with that data in mind, we decide on which pages to build links for. This step also includes deciding which anchor texts to prioritize for the links.


Weekly, we uncover hundreds of link-building leads. To achieve this, we utilize several different types of prospecting techniques, including competitive backlink audits, Google scraping, and more.

Personalized Outreach

Our copywriters create tailored outreach email templates for your niche. Then, via Snov.io, we launch a personalized outreach campaign and keep track of the results.

Lead Communication & Negotiation

We communicate with prospects who replied positively to the outreach campaign and negotiate a link placement. In some cases, we end up giving something in return, like a free backlink, sponsorship fee, etc.

Why Link-Building?

Backlinks can have a very serious impact on your website’s SEO. In today’s competitive SEO landscape, the harsh reality is that if you want to rank organically in any commercial niche, you need backlinks to move the needle – quality content is simply not enough anymore.
Done right, link-building can seriously improve your website’s SEO with:

What is a Quality Backlink?

Not all backlinks carry the same weight. At MintSEO, we focus exclusively on building backlinks that move the needle.

Our Clients Love Our Work

We Build Links Over Dozens of Niches

Whether you’re a SaaS company, a one-man blog, an affiliate, or anything in-between, we’ve got your back! Here’s a short list of some of the niches we’ve built backlinks in:

White Hat Link-Building Services

Niche Edits

We reach out to website owners in your niche that blog about topics related to your business and ask for a link placement in one of their blog posts.

Guest Post Link-Building

We build relationships with publications or blogs and publish guest posts on their websites.

Epic Content Link-Building

We create long-form, high-quality content and reach out to blogs or publications to get links to it.

Unlinked Mentions

We reach out to websites that mention your brand but forget to include a link back to your domain.

Broken Link-Building

We look for websites with broken links and reach out to suggest a fix (and pitch our link).

Other SEO Services

Link-building is just one piece of the puzzle. Without a solid SEO strategy in place or high-quality SEO content on your website, your chances of ranking high on Google are slim. If you haven’t done much SEO work till now, we also offer a full range of SEO services:

Managed SEO Services

We completely manage your website’s SEO end-to-end, helping you grow your online presence.

Local SEO Services

We help you dominate Google rankings in your area. Perfect for medical clinics, law firms, interior design firms, and so on.

Web Design

Is your website outdated or simply ineffective? We can completely remaster it. We’ll make sure the new site is modern, SEO-friendly, and optimized for mobile.


As an add-on to our web design package, we can also create copy for your website that’s tailored to your target audience. That'll help you convert your traffic better and drive new leads.

SEO Keyword Research Services

Want your website to rank well on Google? It all starts with keyword research. With our research services, we’ll uncover 50-200 keywords that your site would benefit from ranking for.

SEO Content Creation

We create authoritative content for your blog, engineered to rank on Google’s front page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Link-building is the process of building backlinks (as in, links from other domains) to your website. A backlink is a sign of trust for Google. The more quality backlinks your website has, the more likely it is for Google to reward you with better rankings.
White hat link-building is the process of building backlinks to your website in a manner that’s compliant with Google’s policies. Black hat link-building, on the other hand, is a practice of building backlinks with sketchy, non-compliant techniques (which can lead to Google penalizing your website). At MintSEO, we only do white hat link-building.
If your niche is not competitive at all, and your competitors are not doing link-building, then yes, you can theoretically rank without link-building. Backlinks, however, are going to be the difference between ranking in 6 months and ranking in 2 years.
This depends on the client’s needs. As a bare minimum, we recommend our clients start with at least 10 backlinks per month if they want to drive reasonable results. Depending on the niche, though, we might need to build anything from 10 to 50+ links per month.
It heavily depends on a lot of factors, including how well your website is ranking currently, how many backlinks you build per month, and how competitive your niche is. On average, though, it takes 6 to 10 months to start seeing an impact from the backlinks.
No, we never use PBNs. All backlinks we build are from real websites run by real people. PBNs can get you short-term results, but you run the risk of getting your website penalized in the long term, thus destroying all the SEO progress you’re going to make.
Sometimes, yes. These days, most website owners know how impactful backlinks can be, and they won’t agree to a link placement unless there’s a financial incentive for them. In such cases, we pay for the links from our end.