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Our Local SEO Services

Local SEO Audit

We audit your website and Google My Business (GMB) page to understand how you’re currently performing in terms of SEO. Based on the findings, we define and start implementing an action plan for improvement.

Keyword Research

We uncover keywords that you would benefit from ranking for. These include both direct buyer intent keywords (e.g. “accounting services Boston”) as well as educational ones (e.g. “how to incorporate in Boston”)

SEO Strategy

We define a top-down SEO strategy for your business. This involves deciding which keywords to focus on initially, what kind of content pages to create, how many backlinks to build, and so on.

Google My Business SEO

GMB is an essential part of local SEO. We actively work on your GMB page to ensure that it follows the best SEO practices, allowing you to rank #1 on Google Maps.

On-Page SEO

We ensure that your website is optimized according to Google's best practices. This includes getting rid of cases of keyword cannibalization, improving on-page elements, ensuring that certain pages match the search intent behind their target keyword, and more.


Backlinks play a big part in deciding whether your website ranks in 6 months or 2 years. We run outreach campaigns to build backlinks for your website, ensuring that you rank sooner rather than later.

Citation Building

Local citations are a trust signal to Google that your business information is correct. They can help your website, as well as GMB listing, rank better.

SEO Content Creation

Our team of expert SEO content writers creates key landing pages or blog posts for your website. We ensure that all our content is based on Google’s best practices and is engaging to read for your customer base.

Why is Local SEO Important?

Successfully implementing local SEO for your website can lead to better rankings when your customers Google relevant keywords. Say, if you’re a personal injury lawyer, you stand a better chance at popping up #1 when people Google something like “personal injury lawyer salt lake city” by improving your website’s SEO.

Ranking high on Google comes with several indisputable benefits:

Local SEO Case Studies

We worked with an interior design firm to improve their Google rankings at their target locations (Park City, Big Sky, Bozeman, and several others). Over one year, we managed to achieve amazing results, such as:

Who’s This For?

Local SEO can be beneficial for just about any kind of local business, whether or not you have a physical location in the first place.

Some types of businesses that can benefit from local SEO are:

If you’re a large company targeting an international market, though, you’d likely benefit more from our managed SEO services.

Our Local SEO Process

So, what comes next? Here’s what’s going to happen after you get in touch with us for your free SEO consultation.

SEO Consultation

We hop on a call and discuss your current website performance. We’ll give you a run-down on where you stand (at a glance). After the call, we send over a proposal and, if you agree, we proceed with the work.

SEO Audits

We audit your website and GMB page, as well as analyze your Google Search Console data, to get a more detailed understanding of where you stand in terms of SEO. We define a list of potential improvements and implement changes accordingly. If your website is severely underperforming, we can even redesign it completely

Keyword Research & Strategy

We create a comprehensive list of keywords that you want to rank for. We then define a roadmap for the work ahead and set deadlines. Check out our SEO keyword research page to learn more.

Google My Business Optimization

We optimize your GMB page based on Google’s best practices and give you instructions on how to collect more reviews from your customers.

Content Creation

Weekly, we create SEO-friendly blog content or landing pages. For example, if you’re a personal injury law firm located in Houston, a typical piece of content would be a landing page optimized for “auto accident attorney Houston.”

Link-Building and Citation-Building

We run outreach campaigns to build backlinks to your website, as well as submit your site to different local directories.

Ongoing SEO Management

We track, analyze, and optimize your web pages monthly, based on updated data from Google Search Console.

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