Reddit Statistics for 2022 – 80+ Most Insightful Stats

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With over 52 million daily active users, it is safe to say that Reddit has become one of the most popular social media platforms over the years. 

From photography to knitting and everything in between, if there’s something you like, there’s a Reddit community for it.

In this article, we are gonna do a deep dive into some eye-opening Reddit facts that can help put into perspective the platform’s impact and usefulness.

So, are you curious to know just how impactful Reddit can be? Check out these 90+ insightful Reddit stats! 

Key Reddit Statistics 

Reddit is one of the most-visited websites according to Statista, with over 1.7 billion registered visits to the site as of May 2022. 

But what does that entail, exactly? Here are some key statistics that will help you get a better idea:

  • 52 million people use Reddit every day, and 430 million people visit it at least once every month. (Source: Data Portal)
  • In 2020, Reddit averaged 30 billion monthly views, a 42% increase from the previous year. (Source: Business of Apps)
  • In August 2021, Reddit’s value was $10 billion, nearly tripling its February 2021 valuation of $6 billion. (Source: Reuters)
  • Every month, there are 11 million postings on Reddit. (Source: Digital Trends) 
  • Reddit now has over 303.4 million posts, up 52.4% from the previous year. (Source: Reddit) 
  • Reddit ranked as the 4th-most reliable social media site online for data and privacy. 
  • According to Reddit statistics, it is currently the tenth most popular social networking site in America. (Source: Pew Research Center)
  • In 2021, Reddit made $350 million from its advertising business.
  • From $3 billion in 2019 to $6 billion in February 2021 and then $10 billion in August 2021, Reddit’s valuation increased twice in 2021.
  • Since receiving its initial wave of fundraising in 2012, Reddit has received more than $1 billion in total capital. The last two years have brought in the majority of its funding.
  • Currently, the site hosts more than 130,000 active communities. (Source: Reddit)

Reddit User Statistics

Next up, we are going to be taking a closer look at Reddit users. 

Here are some stats that tell us more about what the average Reddit user is like, including information about their age, gender, country, and race, as well as their likes and dislikes. 

  • 26.4 million people in the US use Reddit every month. Reddit has expanded its user base continuously since its founding in 2005. If a person has an account and logs in at least once per month, eMarketer considers them to be a user. (Source: Insider Intelligence)
  • Users love having access to posts from people who are genuine and eager to assist. 51% of Gen Zers adore the platform’s user-driven design. (Source: Reddit)
  • 12% of people used Reddit to research COVID-19 in 2021.
  • There are 2.1 million atheist users on Reddit.
  • The lowest-represented religions on the website are Judaism (21,000 users) and Hinduism (18,000 people).
  • 82% of users said they visit Reddit every week. (Source: Statista)
  • Respondents like visiting Reddit forums like r/Minecraft and r/MakeupAddiction. It helps them to learn more about things that interest them. According to 87% of respondents, the platform has a community for every user. (Source: Reddit)
  • In 2020, Reddit had 430 million active monthly users. Given that Reddit cited a comparable number in their ad package in 2021, possibly this increase stagnated in 2021 and 2022. (Source: Reddit)
  • Reddit’s user base has a diverse composition. 71% white non-Hispanic people, 12% Hispanic people, 7% black non-Hispanic people, and 11% other non-Hispanic people. (Source: 
  • In the US, 52% of Reddit users said they visit the site daily, 82% said they visit it once a week, and 95% said they visit it once a month.
  • 67% of Reddit users visit websites in the category of photographs, while 53% go to websites in the category of advice. (Source: Alexa, 2021).
  • 82% of users have earned a college degree or are working toward one.
  • According to a report by We Are Flint, 42% of American Internet users between the ages of 18 and 24 use Reddit. This demonstrates that Reddit is growing in popularity among people of this age range and that this trend will continue in the years to come.
  • On average, users spend a minimum of 16 minutes on Reddit before logging off. (Source: Reddit)
  • Reddit doesn’t seem to be very popular among teenagers. Only 4% of teens use the platform, which, when compared to Instagram (65%) and Snapchat (70%), is a very small number.
  • The user base in the UK is expanding by 48% annually.
  • 79% of US Reddit’s user base supports the Democratic party. (Source: Pew Research.) 
  • 72% of Reddit users cite amusement and entertainment as their top motivations for using Reddit, while 8% of respondents claimed to use Reddit for business networking. (Source: Statista)
  • 17% of users claimed to follow content published by certain brands or businesses on Reddit and 5% of users use Reddit to communicate with friends and family on social media. (Source: Statista)
  • Fitness and wellness is a popular topic among Reddit users, who log 15 times more hours each month than on other websites for fitness and wellness. 
  • At 38%, Reddit users are more likely than users of other social media sites like Facebook or Instagram to identify as tech enthusiasts. This demonstrates that Reddit is the site for pertinent technology discussions.
  • 35% of platform users bring in at least $75,000 annually.
  • Reddit’s user base increased by 30% to 430 million active users each month. Given the 2 million users it had in 2008, that is a significant increase. (Source: Reddit)
  • In 2020, Reddit began segmenting its user base into Monthly Active Users (MAUs) and Daily Active Users, citing 52 million daily users of the platform.
  • A recent survey found that Reddit users are 98% more likely to be high-tech spenders (more than $1,000 in the last six months). 47% of them have purchased consumer gadgets. (Source: Reddit)
  • Reddit currently reports having as many users as Twitter thanks to an increase in user numbers. According to Reddit’s statistics, there are now 330 million active users each month. (Source: Social Media Today)
  • The typical Reddit user visits over 8 distinct pages during their (average)10 minutes and 23 seconds visit. (Source: SimilarWeb
  • Users in the subreddit /r/LifeHacks find shortcuts that make day-to-day life easier. The Most Popular Headline Phrases in the /r/LifeHacks subreddit are “If You Have.”
  • During the pandemic lockdown, 22.6% of Reddit users reported that using the site had a good impact on their mental health. 
  • Reddit reported that users watch an average of 21 billion screen views every month in their Year in Review report. This demonstrates that users spend a lot of time engaging with Reddit content (Source: Reddit)

Reddit Video Statistics

Even Reddit has not been spared from the growing dominance of video content. 

Video-based content is doing relatively well on Reddit nowadays. The following Reddit statistics highlight just how drastic the growth of video content on the platform has been: 

  • Users are posting and watching more videos than even Reddit anticipated, having reached 1 billion views per month for native videos (videos that are first directly uploaded to Reddit). 
  • Reddit said that mobile devices accounted for 70% of all video views. Reddit users who watch videos on the site spend roughly twice as much time there as non-video watchers. 
  • The growth rate of video content on Reddit is 38%.
  • Since it started hosting videos, Reddit saw a 25% increase in the percentage of videos played on its native player. This exceeded even YouTube links. This indicates that people are mostly viewing and sharing videos in this manner. (Source: Reddit)
  • In comparison with links to websites, the most popular photos and videos generate nearly 10,000 more upvotes. 
  • With almost 300,000 user upvotes, the video titled “This is what happens when one firm owns dozens of local news stations” was the most popular Reddit video post. (Source: SocialBu)

Reddit Statistics About Content 

On Reddit, content is king. And so let us take a look at some very interesting stats that highlight the type of content Reddit users engage and interact with.

These stats also provide us with an insight into how well different types of content perform on Reddit compared to each other:

  • Posts with titles between 60 and 80 characters will likely get more upvotes. (Source: Foundation INC)
  • Titles longer than 120 characters or shorter than 20 characters have the worst performance. (Source: Foundation INC)
  • Popular posts with links receive more upvotes than popular text posts—over 16,000 more.
  • Reddit content that does not include a question receives more than 1,000 more upvotes than content that does. (Source: Foundation INC)
  • According to Foundation INC, science-based subreddits seem to be very popular among Reddit users and r/Futurology is one of the biggest science-based communities. Here the most popular words have been: “the first time” and “for the first” appearing 10 times each, followed by “a new study” appearing 6 times. 
  • Reddit’s Health & Fitness Content has seen an increase of 43% in recent years. The site is a thoughtful source for this content and the categories are going to expand. (Source: Reddit)
  • Reddit’s technological forums, including r/technology and r/iphone, draw more than 27 million visits each month. Reddit is especially popular among a more tech-savvy audience. (Source: Reddit)
  • In 2018, there was a 24% year-over-year growth in technology-related content on the platform. (Source: Reddit)
  • Links play a significant role on Reddit, with the top Subreddits’ content containing more than 50% links. Reddit users rely on it to discover fresh materials, websites, and resources relevant to their interests. (Source: Foundation)
  • The top 5 organic keywords on Reddit are Reddit, cyberpunk 2077, livestreamfails, cyberpunk Reddit, and lol Reddit. (Source: SimilarWeb)
  • In 2020, “I’ve found a few hilarious memories during the lockdown. This is from my 1st tour in 89, backstage in Vegas” was the post with the most upvotes. It had 406,000 upvotes. 
  • In 2020, r/coronavirusrecession and r/stimuluscheck were the two most popular communities. (Source: Reddit) 
  • In July, the top beauty forum, r/skincareaddiction, saw a 305.6% increase in “maskne” (mask acne) mentions. (Source: Reddit) 
  • In 2020, there were around 50.2 million references to COVID, COVID-19, or coronavirus.
  • After Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, Reddit is the 4th most popular platform for COVID-19 news. (Source: Pew News)
  • Food, fashion, and beauty-related communities have all expanded. These categories saw growth of 63%, 52%, and 35% from 2018 to 2019, respectively.
  • Reddit’s website now includes over 3.1 million subreddits, but only 138,000 of them are active and receive more than five comments every day. 
  • There can be 40,000 to 50,000+ new subreddits each month in 2022.
  • Subreddit deletions due to harassment are at 5% and deletions for nasty content are at 8%.
  • In 2019, there were 1.7 billion comments on Reddit. Users are increasing their levels of engagement by actively interacting with others. Additionally, posting comments on Reddit may increase traffic to your website. (Source: Reddit)

Statistics About Traffic On Reddit

The amount of traffic a website can generate and manage can be a key indicator of how well the website is performing. 

Here are the most telling stats about Reddit traffic:

  • In 2022 so far, Reddit has an average visitor rate of 1.5 billion per month. (Source: Statista) 
  • 48.04% of the traffic to the site comes from search engines. (SimilarWeb)
  • The volume of online traffic to Reddit is mind-boggling. In 2018, Reddit received 168 billion page views. This shows that Reddit is steadily growing and it is here to stay. (Source: Reddit)
  • One might not consider using Reddit as a search engine, but there are more than 46.7 million queries performed there daily on a wide range of topics. (Source: Search Engine Journal)
  • 44% of Reddit users like using their mobile devices. Reddit continues to place a lot of emphasis on mobile. In actuality, 44% of Reddit’s monthly active users access the site via a mobile browser or app. 
  • With 4.44 daily page views per user, Reddit has the 18th-highest traffic and engagement levels on the internet. 
  • Reddit had 122.5 million installs globally by the end of 2020 among iOS and Android users. 
  • Reddit’s desktop traffic comes from the US (almost 47.5%), according to the most recent figures. This demonstrates the site’s popularity in that country. (Source: SimilarWeb, 2022) 
  • Data by SimilarWeb show that the site is more well-liked by English-speaking groups. Germany, which accounts for 3.29% of Reddit’s total desktop traffic, is the only non-English-speaking nation to be in the top five.
  • Reddit’s site visitors have a 38.5% bounce rate. In other words, almost four out of five visitors to Reddit only stay on one page before leaving. 
  • According to research, the best time to post on Reddit is in the morning, from 6 am to 9 am as this is when most people are active on the platform. (Source: X Cart)
  • Reddit receives 48% of its traffic from natural keyword searches. (Source: Similar Web)

Reddit 101 – What You Need to Know

Reddit is a social media site with a key focus on communities (subreddits), which users can either create or join based on their interests and hobbies. 

Since Reddit’s founding 16 years ago, the number of subreddits has been increasing. More than 2.8 million subreddits exist as of today

Subreddits can range from broader topics such as technology to super niche topics. For example, the subreddit r/CatsStandingUp is a subreddit all about cats who are standing up. 

It’s safe to assume that there is a subreddit for almost any topic under the sun. This adds to the appeal of Reddit as users can find and connect with people that share the same interests no matter what they are. 

That said, Reddit’s core communities – the communities that have a large number of followers, usually ranging in the millions – are the most responsible for both its success and appeal. Some of them include /r/announcements, /r/funny, and /r/AskReddit. 

Reddit has, over the years, grown to develop its own culture and lingo. Here are some of the most common terms you will come across on Reddit and their meaning to help you get started: 

  • Upvote/Downvote – You can either upvote (like) or downvote (dislike) any post or comment on Reddit. More upvotes mean more visibility for your posts and comments. Downvoted posts on the other hand, hardly ever get seen.
  • Karma – Total amount of upvotes (minus downvotes) you’ve gained on your account. Many subreddits have a minimum Karma rule before you can post anything on that sub. Karma shows other Redditors that you’re not just promoting your website or product and you genuinely use the platform.
  • AMA – Ask Me Anything. A lot of famous people do AMA threads on Reddit. This is a simple Q&A session where users can ask questions to the celebrity or influencer who can answer them by replying to their comments. 
  • ELI 5 – Explain like I’m 5, which means what the name implies.
  • OP – Original poster, the person who started a specific thread or made the post.
  • Tl;dr – Too long, didn’t read. At the end of long posts, some people post summaries of the posts (called “tl;dr”)
  • Shill – Promoting yourself or having an agenda.

Reddit Statistics FAQ 

Do you still have some questions regarding Reddit? Check out our FAQ below: 

#1. What is the demographic of Reddit users?

28.1% of Reddit users in the USA are aged between 20 to 29 years. It is a male-dominated platform as over 60% of its users identify as being male. 47% of all Reddit users are from the USA, with white Americans making up 70% of that number. (Source: Statista & Backlinko)

#2. How much is Reddit worth in 2022?

Reddit is valued at $10 billion as of 2022. Its revenue more than doubled last year, with advertising being Reddit’s main income source.

#3. What percentage of Americans use Reddit?

Backlinko says that 25% of adults in the USA use Reddit. The USA is the country with the highest number of active Reddit users.

#4. What percentage of Reddit is female? 

Around 36.2% of all Reddit users are female, as per a report by Statista.

#5. Who uses Reddit the most?

In terms of age, people between 18 and 29 use Reddit the most. More than one in three US individuals in this age range (36%) use Reddit. When it comes to gender, people who identify as ‘male’ are more likely to use Reddit than other genders. 

#6. What age groups use Reddit the most? 

According to Marketing Charts, Reddit’s most active audience ranges between 18 to 29 years old. 

#7. Which country uses Reddit the most? 

The majority of Reddit users live in the US (49%). The UK and Canada are in second and third places respectively.

#8. Why should I use Reddit?

Reddit can be a great platform to find people who have the same interests as you, no matter how niche those interests are. It can also be a good place to learn new things, get your news, and stay entertained. On top of that, Reddit also allows users to stay anonymous, which is a breath of fresh air for many people.

#9. What is the largest Reddit community?

R/announcements is the most popular subreddit with over 153 million members. R/funny is the second most popular subreddit with 40+ million users. 

#10. What are the most popular business subreddits on Reddit?

r/Startups and r/Entrepreneur are two of the most popular business-related subreddits on Reddit. Similarly, r/SEOgrowth is one of the fastest-growing SEO subreddits, that is aimed at helping businesses grow with SEO. 

To find out about other popular SEO subreddits and marketing subreddits, check out these articles. 

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