17 Best SEO Forums & Communities to Join in 2022

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Nick Zviadadze

Nick Zviadadze

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The only thing bigger than the world of SEO is the amount of information available on the topic. And with so much information about SEO out there, finding solutions to problems or the right tools to use can get overwhelming at times. 

This is where SEO forums and communities can make all the difference.

An SEO forum is a place where other SEO experts, learners, and enthusiasts can come together, share their learnings, and help each other out.

And by being a part of an SEO forum or community, you can also learn new things and grow exponentially. 

So, in this article, we are going to share with you some of the best SEO forums out there that can help you find all the right tools and information to take your SEO to the next level. 

You can join these communities to participate in discussions, debates, and more, all of which can help you take your business’s SEO to the next level.

17 Best SEO Forums & Communities to Join in 2022

#1. SEO Growth Subreddit 

seo growth seo community

The SEO Growth Subreddit is one of the fastest-growing SEO communities today. Since its inception in 2021, the subreddit has amassed almost nine thousand members, most of which are active on a regular basis. 

SEO Growth regularly features discussions about new SEO trends, marketing strategies, and more. You will also come across interesting experiments and case studies that can provide you with new SEO insights.

Whether you’re a beginner who’s just dipping his toes in the world of SEO or a seasoned SEO expert, the SEO Growth subreddit has something for everybody.

#2. SEO Signals Lab

SEO Signals Lab is a Facebook group that’s been around since 2016. Today, it stands tall as one of the most resourceful SEO communities, with over 70 thousand members.

SEO Signals Lab has grown into an all-inclusive community over the years, where everyone can discuss everything about SEO. Typically, people use the FB group to share their SEO experiments, ask questions, and learn from other SEO experts.

#3. Google SEO Mastermind 

The Google SEO Mastermind is a fairly young Facebook group – created in 2019 – with almost 110,000 members to date. 

Given its size, it is no surprise that Google SEO Mastermind is one of the most active SEO communities today. On average, there are 10 posts made in this group every day.   

This group is a great place to connect with and learn from SEO experts, Google Ad specialists, and other marketers. You can discuss everything from SEO content creation to audit methods, website design, and more. This is a private group that also limits spam posts and makes sure that you only get helpful content.

They also have rules against DM requests which means you won’t get unsolicited inbox spam either. These are just some of the things that make the Google SEO Mastermind forum one of the best forums today.

#4. The Proper SEO Group 

If you want to join a community that offers more of an all-out, everything-goes approach, then this is the place for you. In this community, you will find discussions, experiments, case studies, and more about not only SEO but also marketing tactics, Adsense, etc. 

The Proper SEO Group is also a place where you can find some of the most interesting case studies and discussions regarding marketing strategies and SEO. The group has been around for eight years now, which means people have shared some great insights there that you can easily find and use to your advantage. 

This Facebook group currently has 40 thousand members, with an average of three posts every day. This group is mostly known for its admins and moderators, as most of them are industry leaders and renowned experts in their specific niches.

#5. The Big SEO Subreddit

With almost 95 thousand members, the Big SEO subreddit is one of the biggest Reddit communities for all things SEO. Big SEO was created back in 2013 and has since become one of the top SEO-related communities.

Since it’s been around for so long, you can easily find an answer to common questions and problems. And one thing we specifically love about it? Its bank of AMAs (Ask Me Anything) is conducted by some of the top industry leaders. These can be very insightful and help you out in your SEO journey.

#6. SEO Subreddit

This is the biggest and oldest SEO-related community on Reddit. This subreddit has been around since 2008, gathering over 200 thousand members over the years. Back in the day, this used to be the go-to place for all things SEO.

That said, recently the community has been largely inactive. You can still find multiple posts, but very few among them lead to actual meaningful discussion. Thus, rather than being an active space for discussion, the subreddit is now more of a resource bank on SEO, link-building, and content writing.

#7. Google Webmaster Community 

google search central help community

Next up we have a forum hosted and managed by Google itself. The Google Webmaster Community is a place where you can find answers and articles related to various Google tools and SEO. On average, the forum generates close to a thousand threads every month.

The content in this forum is divided into four categories:

  • Crawling, Indexing, and Ranking
  • Security, Malware, and Hacked Sites
  • Structured Data
  • Search Console

While categorizing information makes navigation easier, some users consider the small number of categories a limiting factor for this community.

#8. SEO Chat

seo chat forum

Another forum where you can find your peers in the SEO world is SEO Chat. The forum is not as big as some of the others on our list, but it has been gaining some traction lately. 

Just like with Reddit and Facebook communities, you can easily make a post and share your learnings or experiments with the forum members, just like you can ask questions and make detailed posts. 

The best thing about SEO Chat is that it also offers free SEO tools such as keyword generators, rank checkers, and more.

#9. Digital Point 

digital point seo forum

Next on our list, with over 800,000 members, is Digital Point. The website features different forums and discussion groups for various topics such as SEO, AdSense, affiliate marketing, web design, and more. 

In addition to the forum side of things where you can learn about new trends and old tricks, Digital Point also offers free-to-use tools. Not only that, but they also have a built-in marketplace where you can find, buy and sell articles, domains, plugins, and other services. 

That said, you can only sign up for Digital Point using a Facebook account. Overall, the registration process for joining the Digital Point SEO forum is one of its major cons. This is because, on top of needing a Facebook account to sign up, users have often complained about the process being riddled with multiple bugs, which leads to an irritating experience.

#10. Affiliate SEO Mastermind 

seo affiliate mastermind community

With almost 29,000 members, the Affiliate SEO Mastermind group on Facebook is helping people learn all there is about affiliate marketing via SEO. The group was created around five years ago and it sees an average of 9 posts every day.

While all affiliated marketing and SEO-related discussions are welcome in this group, posts are primarily focused on test-backed results. This can be a great community for webmasters looking to learn more about affiliate marketing-based SEO instead of lead generation or client SEO.

#11. Warrior Forum 

warrior forum seo community

One of the largest SEO forums where to connect with other marketers and SEO experts is the Warrior Forum. The Warrior Forum has been at the top of many lists as it is considered to be one of the best marketing-related forums. Here you can not only learn the very basics of marketing, SEO, and SMO (Social Media Optimization), but also read about advanced case studies, trends, and more.

To be a part of this forum and to make posts one can simply sign up using their Google account or email address. This allows you to post on the forum and participate in active threads. 

But for those who are looking to do more and access additional features such as marketing tools and courses, the forum also has a premium version. You can get a premium membership for $97 per year, after a 30-day free trial.

#12. Black Hat World

black hat world seo community

Up next, we have Black Hat World, a forum with one of the best interfaces out there. 

Over the years, Black Hat World has become a go-to place for people to discuss various black hat SEO techniques and topics. Now, since black-hat SEO techniques can get you in trouble with Google, they are generally frowned upon – which means most forums don’t allow black-hat SEO-related discussions. 

Black Hat World does, though. The forum’s moderators believe in fostering fair discussions, which means you can freely share and discuss your experience with black-hat SEO there without worrying that you’ll get frowned upon by other forum members. 

But the forum is not limited to only black-hat SEO-related discussions. You can also find various threads about white hat SEO. Additionally, the forum also covers other marketing-related topics and trends. 

Getting started on Black Hat World is very easy, and it is a free platform. They have a very handy newbie guide to help new members. 

#13. SEO Mastering Forum 

seo mastering forum

Another great SEO forum and community is the SEO Mastering Forum. Similar to the other forums on our list, SEO mastering covers a multitude of topics from basics to help you get started, all the way to new trends and experiments.

This forum has a clean, old-school interface that is very easy to navigate. You can get started by registering and creating a free account. SEO Mastering is a fairly active forum with new threads and posts being made every day. 

#14. SEO Refugee

seo refugee forum

SEO Refugee is the next forum on our list and it is very similar to the SEO Mastering Forum. Here too you can learn more and discuss various SEO and marketing-related topics.

SEO Refugee is primarily known for being one of the best spam-free forums. This is thanks to their strict moderation policy and spam filtration bots. So, if you are looking for a forum that can provide you with a spam-free experience, SEO Refugee is where you need to be. 

#15. Local SEO Community 

local seo community forum

The Local SEO Community describes itself as a free for all forum where anyone and everyone can discuss SEO and help local businesses. This forum, as the name suggests, is all about local SEO and Google My Business-related topics.

A local business like a dental clinic doesn’t need to rank globally. Rather, they benefit a lot more from ranking in their local area.

Whether you’re an SEO looking to improve your local SEO skills, or a local business seeking advice about your rankings, this community is definitely going to be helpful!

#16. BackLinks on Slack

backlinks slack group community

If you are in search of a place where you can connect with other SEO experts, business owners, and webmasters, then the Backlinks community is a great option. Here, you can find answers to all your questions about SEO and marketing.

The community is hosted over Slack, which makes it convenient for people who already use Slack for their daily work-related communication. You can also set custom notification preferences for different channels. This makes it easier to keep up with the topics you are interested in, without wasting your time.

#17. SEO on Quora 

seo community on quora

The SEO community on Quora can be a great place to get you started on your SEO journey. The topic has 200,000+ followers and features plenty of answers to some of the most basic and common questions. 

On average, there are about 10 to 15 new posts every day discussing SEO and digital marketing. While it is true that a big chunk of the information on Quora is generic, it can still be a good starting point. 

Why Use SEO Forums?

The ever-changing world of SEO can be challenging to navigate at times. From beginners to experts, everyone can get stuck or run into challenges. This is where being a part of a forum or a community can come into play. 

We can summarize the appeal of SEO forums and communities into three simple categories:

  • Learning  
  • Networking 
  • Branding

Let us take a closer look at how being a part of a dedicated SEO forum can help you with these three aspects:


While you may find many SEO guides online, not a single SEO method is set in stone. There’s a wide range of techniques that work differently for different types of businesses. Not to mention, the world of SEO is constantly changing and developing.

This is why it’s better to be a part of a community where you are regularly exposed to new ideas, tricks, case studies, and more. The things you come across while being a part of a community can help you expand your knowledge – especially when it comes to SEO, where there’s always something to learn. 

Additionally, being a part of an SEO community gives you the opportunity to know what other people in the industry are up to. You can take a look at their experiments and the results they get. The things you learn when you go through different posts and experiments can help you develop better strategies.


An important part of growing any business is networking. By networking with other people in your field, you not only learn new things but also make important connections. These connections can help you in many ways, including exploring new ideas and tapping on new opportunities.

Networking can be specifically helpful when you are just starting out with your blog or business. Let us look at some places where networking can come in handy in this regard: 

  • Growing your audience. First and foremost, networking can help you grow your audience. For example, your networking contacts can get your work across to their readers, which in turn will increase your visibility.
  • Broadening your network. One of the most basic benefits of networking is that your network and connections grow. You come in contact with new people from various niches, industries, and fields. Meeting and knowing these people can be helpful in various ways, as you are exposed to new perspectives. 
  • Scouting and hiring. If you are looking to grow your team, networking can make things much easier for you. Instead of scouring blogs like Upwork and the sorts for weeks, you can ask your connections if they know any skilled, pre-vetted members for your team. 
  • Helping when stuck. You never know when you might run into a problem. So, if you ever find yourself in a pickle, you can rely upon your connections and their experience to bail you out.

In addition to all of the above, studies have suggested that social networking can also help reduce work-related stress, making it easier for you to navigate through work-related problems by connecting with like-minded individuals who are in tune with what you do.


When you actively participate in discussions on an SEO forum, you get to demonstrate your knowledge of a particular subject or niche. This can be a great way of building your personal brand.

Basically, by answering questions, showcasing your own experiments and case studies, and contributing to the community, you establish yourself as an authority in your niche. Consistent participation can earn you the respect and trust of others in the community.

This can open many doors for you, as well as propel your brand or business, thus helping you reach new audiences. 

What are the Best SEO Forums & Communities? 

Our top three favorite SEO forums and communities are: 

  • SEO Growth Subreddit 
  • SEO Signals Lab
  • Google SEO Mastermind

As per our research, these three communities are currently the cream of the crop, considering various factors such as activity frequency, quality of posts, moderation, and more.

That being said, the right community for you might be different based on what you are looking for. We hope this list helps you find a community where you can freely explore, learn, and improve. 

Nick Zviadadze

Nick Zviadadze

Founder at MintSEO
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