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Client Keywords ranked Timeframe Starting Traffic Final Traffic
Novoresume Read More
  • How to write a resume
  • Cover letter
  • Resume templates
2 years
1 000 000
7 600 000+
Deskera Read More
  • Invoice number
  • Journal entry
  • Accounting examples
1.5 years
Happy Healthy Hippie Read More
  • Hormone balance supplements
  • Vitamins hormone balance
  • Vegan vs animal collagen
1 year
17 000+

Our Services

Managed SEO

We manage your website’s SEO end-to-end. This includes keyword research, SEO content creation, link-building, and just about any service you’ll need to dominate SERPs.

Local SEO

We help you rank locally in your service area. This is perfect for small to medium-sized businesses like law firms, dental clinics, accounting firms, and such.

Web Design & Copywriting

In order for your website to rank on Google, it has to be mobile-friendly, fast, and well-designed. We can upgrade your existing website, optimize it for SEO, or even re-create it from scratch.

White Hat Link-Building Services

We run personalized outreach campaigns to build new backlinks to your website or blog posts.

SEO Content Creation Services

We create SEO-friendly blog content for your website to help you rank for your desired keywords.

SEO Keyword Research Services

Every SEO strategy starts with keyword research. We deep-dive into your niche and uncover 50-200 keywords worth targeting.

Our Clients Love Our Work

Why Mint SEO?

We only work with clients we can help

SEO is not the right marketing strategy for every business. If that’s the case with you (or if your niche is too competitive for your budget), we’ll let you know from the get-go. We only work with companies that we’re 95% certain we can help.

We have a wide range of industry experience

We’ve worked with clients in all sorts of verticals: SaaS, e-commerce, local business, VPNs, hosting, and more. We have the much-needed expertise to help you succeed in your niche.

We love experimenting with our marketing

No industry or business is the same. This means you can’t just apply the same SEO strategy to different clients and expect to get the same results. For this reason, we are constantly experimenting with different tactics to find creative avenues of growth for your business.

We follow one true north star

At the end of the day, neither rankings nor impressions matter if they don’t convert into revenue. At MintSEO, our #1 goal is to help you drive sales and grow your business. Everything else is secondary.

We Blog (A Lot!)

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