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Keyword research is the foundation of any successful SEO campaign. Make sure you’re targeting the right keywords with our professional keyword research services.

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Client Keywords ranked Timeframe Starting Traffic Final Traffic
Novoresume Read More
  • How to write a resume
  • Cover letter
  • Resume templates
2 years
1 000 000
7 600 000+
Deskera Read More
  • Invoice number
  • Journal entry
  • Accounting examples
1.5 years
Happy Healthy Hippie Read More
  • Hormone balance supplements
  • Vitamins hormone balance
  • Vegan vs animal collagen
1 year
17 000+

Why Keyword Research is Important

As you already know, SEO is a long-term commitment. Depending on several factors, it can take you anything from 6 months to 2 years to rank organically on Google. This means that if your keyword research is not precise, you’ll end up wasting a lot of time and resources.

Our SEO keyword research services guarantee that you are:

Our Keyword Research Process

Consultation Call

We hop on a call with someone from your team to understand what your business is about, who your customers are, and so on.

Competitive Research

We make a list of your organic competitors and, using specialized tools, extract all the keywords they’re targeting or ranking for.

Deep SEO Keyword Research

We take the keywords we found through our competitor analysis and use them as seed keywords to find additional targets. We use different tools for this including Google’s People Also Ask, AnswerThePublic, SEMrush, and more.

Long-Tail Keyword Research

We then focus on finding long-tail keywords that are low volume, high (potential) conversion value, and low ranking difficulty.

Compilation, Data Input, and Prioritization

We compile all the keywords we find into a single sheet and we populate it with data such as the number of monthly searches, keyword difficulty, and so on. We also prioritize each keyword based on conversion value, volume, and difficulty.


We deliver the keyword research to the client and optionally get on a call with them to walk them through our findings.

Here’s What the Deliverable Includes

The final SEO keyword-research deliverable will include the following:

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Other SEO Services

Link-building is just one piece of the puzzle. Without a solid SEO strategy in place or high-quality SEO content on your website, your chances of ranking high on Google are slim. If you haven’t done much SEO work till now, we also offer a full range of SEO services:

Managed SEO Services

We completely manage your website’s SEO end-to-end, helping you grow your online presence

Local SEO Services

We help you dominate Google rankings in your area. Perfect for medical clinics, law firms, interior design firms, and so on.

Web Design

Is your website outdated or simply ineffective? We can completely remaster it. We’ll make sure the new site is modern, SEO-friendly, and optimized for mobile.

White Hat Link-Building

We do targeted outreach to websites in your niche and incentivize them to link to your website, helping you rank higher on Google.


As an add-on to our web design package, we can also create copy for your website that’s tailored to your target audience. That'll help you convert your traffic better and drive new leads.

SEO Content Creation

We create authoritative content for your blog, engineered to rank on Google’s front page.

Frequently Asked Questions

This depends on the client’s niche and needs. Generally speaking, though, we target a broad range of keywords, including commercial keywords, educational keywords, and long-tail keywords.
A long-tail keyword is a type of keyword that is (usually) four words or more and is less competitive than your average keyword. Long-tail keywords can help your website rank on Google much faster than regular keywords.
This depends on the client’s niche. For global SEO, we deliver 50 to 200 keywords with our service. For local SEO, the number can be anything between 20 to 60.

Long-tail keywords can help you rank your website faster than conventional keywords. This doesn’t mean you should only target long-tail keywords, though. They should simply be a part of your overarching SEO strategy.

By buying an SEO keyword research service, you’re ensuring that your website is built on the right SEO foundation. At MintSEO, we’ve done keyword research for dozens of clients, both for local and global SEO. We have the necessary experience to ensure that you’re targeting the right keywords for your business.
We’ve worked with companies in all sorts of niches, including SaaS, e-commerce, interior design, law firms, web hosting, and more.
We use all sorts of tools for our SEO keyword research process, including Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, UberSuggest, AnswerThePublic, People Also Ask, and more.